Problems with attachment

How do I get over feelings of jealousy when my boyfriends wants to hang out with his friends? I know it isn’t healthy for me to feel this way. It’s like a little voice in my head that says “well if he can make time for his friends, why can’t he make time for you” . It’s like I can’t be relaxed for 2-4 hours on my own. I’m always thinking what he could be doing. My mom also has a negative impact bc she didn’t like him much & always made negative comments about him which pushed me away & I think it made me developed an unhealthy attachment towards him

One thought on “Problems with attachment

  • mm
    23/10/2016 at 20:17

    I have attachment issues I’m working on currently. You need to educate yourself about attachment as well as fear of abandonment. Google it. There are many reasons we feel the el way we feel. I was severely neglected as a child. And it has caused me to attach to emotional unavailable people as well as I have ptsd and major depression. Read as much as you can about it I hope i helped

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