He likes someone else

Okay. so there’s this guy i like. we will call the fake name of John. So john went to a small catholic school where he said this girl (fake name) Jane on and off all throughout middle school. they always dated and on 8th grade graduation night they lost their virginity to each other. since then he has cheated on her and they were broken up for freshman year. he then had a somewhat gf for part of that time. towards the very end of freshman year, barely knowing eachother, we hooked up at a party. not too much just makeout and finger. after that we didn’t talk much but would sometimes casually say hey. so when sophomore year started i really wanted to start to get to know him better bc i had a crush on him. i found out he had started dating Jane over the summer. we talked every once in a while in class. then we hung out in a group one night. we were really touching and he wanted to hookup but we didn’t get the chance. but we did kiss for a few seconds, nothing major. Ever since then i just couldn’t stop thinking about him. well last night we were hanging out in a group again. we were all over each other that night. and when the right moment came. we hooked up. makeout, finger, hand job, blow job. Well.. i haven’t felt this way about a guy in a long time. he never talks to me about his girlfriend or about our relationship and what it is. i don’t really wanna talk to him about it because i don’t want to freak him out and scare him away.. but i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

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