Would you?

Would you want to date a fat farm girl? Be honest because… my love life sucks and I want your opinion so I have a base to go off of which is is anyone ever gunna love me or am gunna be alone forever

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2 thoughts on “Would you?

  • mm
    13/10/2016 at 01:04

    There is someone for everyone sometimes the someone takes longer to find but there out there as someone who didn’t get a boyfriend until age almost 17

  • mm
    13/10/2016 at 01:32

    Don’t worry about weight, some guys love bigger women at every size, some say they don’t like to feel a skeleton, also can be uncomfortable at times (not everyone) love is about the the person on the inside and their personally and more, it’s more then just looks. I’m guessing, If a particular man is only looking for sex they mostly go after the body and if They’r easy to get, if they want a real relationship they look at everything’s to offer they would like you for who you are and not your size, they want to make sure They’r going to be happy too…

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