What do I do

So thar is a guy I like and we go to the same school I don’t get to see much because he is in a different class but I do get to see him sometimes in the hallway I’ve had a crush on him since 3rd grade he is a year or two younger than me I just turned 13 I want to ask him out but I’m afraid he might say no but he has a girlfriend because every time I see him he’s always hanging out with girls but not me he just looks at me sometimes and smile I don’t think he feels the same way but I can’t get over him I love them forever and it’s hard to get over them I don’t know what to do should I get over him or should I ask him if I’m so confused

One thought on “What do I do

  • mm
    30/10/2016 at 11:24

    My advice is to just tell him u have feelings for him. Whether he feels the same way or not, at least u told him. If he’s a decent guy he won’t make fun of u and will respect u no matter what. Don’t ask him out until u feel like it’s the right time as you don’t want to rush into anything. Good luck x

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