Shall I be with him…

I’ve just broke up with my bf we dated 5-6 months and we was very close and liked each other he likes me too much and didn’t take the break up well and cried for days but we are close friends and still talk, I broke up with him due to pre exam stress and knowing not who he is anymore however, before he moved to my school a year ago I dated a few of his mates but not one specific which I had liked for a years and he liked me then but never dated and I know deep down I’ve never stopped liking him I’ve tried but I can’t and ever since he found out I was single he keeps flirting with me and trying to get closer, I want to get with him so bad but I know now is not the right time it’s gonna take a while for me to move on properly but I defiantly wanna be with him it’s all I ever wanted … my ex knows this now and is never giving up on me it’s already ruined things with him and his mate now and obvs I still care about my ex but I think I need to start doing things for me…help me decide what I have to do

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  • mm
    23/10/2016 at 14:32

    It him you must talk to. If you want to know if he still holds that spark for you

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