New interest

Been nonstop texting and hung out with this guy from my hs for about a month now. We were always just friends but now I think we are interested in each other (he kisses me etc) but I have a bit of an old insecurity that always comes to haunt me around this time. I always am not sure if the new interest will take me seriously or just wants to sleep with me. He really hasn’t done anything significant to make me feel that way but I still feel it. For example he told me if it were up to him we’d watch movies and go to the bars and I am looking more for someone that will want to do really fun things like go hiking/ go on cooler dates than just the bar. Point is when is a good time to ask what he’s looking for or should I even ask that at all? He hasn’t really done anything to show he wouldn’t take me seriously so he may be taken off guard if I asked something like that

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