My dads in open heart surgery

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 months. He has never met my family, though he has asked to. They live far away and the timing is never good, and I feel terrible but I am a little embarrassed of them. I know, however, he will meet them eventually.
Something terrible happened two weeks ago. I got s text telling me my father has two aneurysms, kidney disease, liaisons on his lungs, and has to have open heart surgery. I visited him in the hospital, my boyfriend being supportive but stayed home. He said he felt bad that he wasn’t there and would be there next time. I understood and let it go. Now that I have been hours at the hospital, with much time to think, and waiting, I
Am wondering how I feel that he is not here. He is working today and texting every so often to check on my father and myself. I feel tired of always being strong and feeling independent because I have to. I wish he would have offered to be here even just for moral support, though he is texting me throughout this time. Am I over reacting or do I have a legitimate reason to feel sad and alone that he isn’t physically here?

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