My boyfriend vs his cousin

Im a freshman in college, I have a boyfriend and its been three years. In High school, we had a lot of ups and downs but we managed to get through some really bad problems but other than that our families love us being together, we have so many great memories. Our schools are 20 minutes away, people say we’re lucky bc we’re really close yet it feels so distant. Our schedules contradict each other on the weekdays so we don’t get to text, we hang out some weekends but sometimes he decides to cancel our plans to hang out with his roommates. I try to be an understanding girlfriend but I feel like he’s just pushing me away. Recently I guess he’s noticed and says he wants to be a better boyfriend for me but now I feel like he’s taught me how to be okay without him. Now, here’s the thing.. he has a cousin who lives here as well & recently we’ve been talking, nothing to extreme, just short texts, small talk, but I think I may be catching some feelings. His cousin is the sweetest person ever but I know he doesn’t have feelings for me. Im pretty sure im not his type. Idk what to do, I love my boyfriend but things have been a little rough and I think that may have been pushing towards his cousin. What should I do?

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