I’m a gay girl; am I being led on?

I’ve been speaking to this girl for a few months and I have feelings for her. She always flirts with me and says stuff like she’d “gladly make out with me” but whenever I ask her to meet up with me she makes up excuses and says she can’t.
This could be because of her anxiety or because she doesn’t have feelings for me.
My friends are telling me she could be straight and she just likes my attention
I’ve asked her about her sexuality and she just keeps saying she doesn’t know what she is.
She flirts a lot on snapchat but irl she’s totally different.
We’ve been speaking for roughly 5 months now and I feel like things aren’t going anywhere. What should I do?

2 thoughts on “I’m a gay girl; am I being led on?

  • mm
    25/10/2016 at 12:56

    Explain to her what you want. And if she’s not ready to provide that move on

  • mm
    25/10/2016 at 14:40

    @Anonymous 36527, Do you think it would be better to wait a little longer and then tell her though? So at least we can get closer as friends

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