I need help/advice about someone

I like this guy. He’s very outgoing, makes a lot of jokes, and is easy to talk to. I’m the opposite but the same. We have the same interests, but i’m very quiet, awkward, and introverted. I think he likes me back but i’m not exactly sure. He talks to me occaisonally, but not in a conversation way, more like a to say something funny way and sometimes when we pass each other in the halls he stares at me. We make a lot of eye contact too. I try to talk to him, but we haven’t had a full out get-to-know-you conversation. It’s already hard as it is to try to talk to him because i get so nervous. I don’t know what to do. Should i let him talk to me? I don’t know. I try to pretend i don’t see him in the halls because i freak out when i see him. Also, i was at a location and him and his friend that’s a girl were hugging right in front of me so i think maybe that could be either a really bad sign orrrrrr idk but my friend says he hugs a lot of people all the time (i do that too to my guy friends) Him and his friend that’s a girl talk a lot and maybe they’re just good friends but i’m worried. Don’t get me wrong, the girl he’s friends with is so nice and awesome but ya know? He’s also always talking to someone so i don’t know if i should join in the conversation or not because they are always joking, but i’m such and awkward and quiet person i wouldn’t know what to say. I just really need advice on this and help. He’s a year older than me by the way.

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