Cant seem to let go

Im 33 i have 3 children. Ive been married for 14 years the last 5 have been heartfelt. My husband doesn’t want to be married anymore. He kinda lost interest in me. It’s been other females in and out the marriage because he felt like he couldn’t talk to me he would talk to them. He started falling for a few of them and had relationships. I cant seem to just let him go I love him so much. We were high schools sweethearts got married young. I mean im young and i just want to be happy with someone im not trying to beg anyone to stay with me. Can someone help me out?

One thought on “Cant seem to let go

  • mm
    26/10/2016 at 03:26

    It’s better to let him leave than for your kids to watch their dad cheat. Best advice I can give, and it’s hard, if you want to keep him don’t beg. Just say that’s fine and let him go. Guy’s like a chase by nature. If he thinks you are fine without him, his interest may be sparked. If not, you are not being cheated on. I’m sorry it turned out the way it did. I wish only the best for you and your children

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