Too much? Exhausted, Confused, all the above

I’m an undergrad student who is in her first year in college. Im also trying to look for a part-time job, managing an internship, and involved with school programs in order to keep me on good academic standings. On the outside I may seem alright and you may think I’m handling everything in life in a reasonable way, butI’m so overwhelmed with everything in my life right now. I think I do a pretty good job at hiding my inner anger and depression and anxiety. But right now I’m stressed about my schoolwork and everything with deadlines.and oh yeah, I don’t want to go on academic probation because I have a C average in my math course. I’m also overwhelmed with my internship. My boss is lenient, but I feel awful that I’m not doing everything in a timely manner. As for my family and friends, well I tend to block people out when I’m feeling down and I come out as angry or aggressive. I don’t know what to do and i have been having headaches and nervous twitches lately. . What can I do to cope with all of this?

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