Fear of disappointment?

My school Production next year is West Side Story. I’ve been in the productions previously but never a speaking role. Only this year did I get part of the vocal ensemble. I’ve been super excited for the next Production since the last one ended and it just feels different. It’s a completely different experience being a part of the vocal ensemble vs the chorus and I’m determined to get a bigger part in West Side.

There is a certain role in it (Anybodys) that I feel suits me best and I think I could really nail it now that I have more confidence and experience. It’s not too big of a part, no solo singing or anything just speaking. Except there is a girl – way more outgoing than me, who has previously had a relatively large role in this year’s production and would also suit the role of Anybodys.

Basically what I’m afraid of is being disappointed. I feel like if I get my hopes up too much, It’ll be worse if I end up not getting the part. I know i can do it, I just want to show them that I can and I don’t know how. I so desperately want the part :(

How can I show them that I can do it? Auditions are in a month and I don’t know if I should go hard out and hope to get the part or just sit on the sidelines yet another year. I’m just so afraid of rejection and disappointment D:

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