I have a crush on my coworker. We talked for a while through texting and a couple of phone calls. He only casually talked, nothing serious. He wanted to have sex but I wasn’t into it a first but eventually we did it. After he wanted to do it gain but with me giving oral as well. I told him it’s not going to happen so he stopped talking to me. Every time he sees me at work he doesn’t say anything to me but he talks to everybody else. I tried to text him but he didn’t reply, much less viewed my message. What should I do??

One thought on “Coworkers

  • mm
    27/10/2016 at 06:57

    I’m sorry, but I think he used you. This is why you shouldn’t have relations with coworkers, it’s going to get awkward or possibly hostile. I think you should just ignore him. Don’t give in to his childish behavior or he’ll gain control over you

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