New School, New Problems

Hi, my names Jackson. I’ve just recently moved to a new school which has roughly 300 students per grade. I’ve made 40ish friends that I believe that I could depend on but Ive been saddened sense the move. Obviously I miss my friends but we still communicate but the real issue is popularity. I’ve never wanted to be a king of sorts but I’ve always tried to fit in with the more popular characters. While it worked at my old school it’s difficult and different here. The humor is extremely different and I don’t find it funny. Its impacted me being able to keep a conversation or joke with people. I also have had difficulty being charming with girl so that has also dampened my mood. I used to be extremely overweight at 264 pounds and with my father a year ago we got it down to 208. It has gotten harder to lose my weight because I have hardly anything with the amount of homework. All of those are contributing factors into my mild depression/unpleasant mood. I’m a freshman in highschool 14. I hope you can help me or give advice/tips on how to fix this problem. Thank you, Jackson

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  • mm
    25/10/2016 at 12:13

    Moving schools and moving away from the people and surroundings you’re comfortable with is always hard. I believe this move might be good for you though if you just open up your mind a little bit more. Coming from a teenage girl who has moved schools 9 times in her life, I still find it hard. But with an open mind and mentally and emotionally trying to move on, everything becomes so much easier. Have you moved towns or just schools? In fact, that isn’t an important piece of information, when you go to school, smile, hang out with friends and be yourself, be true to yourself always.

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