My problem

I’m a mess. My emotions are constantly up and down and I don’t have that many friends that know about my current situation. I self harm and I cry myself to sleep some nights. When school time comes around I act as if I’m fine. Does this mean I’m depressed?
I feel like i constantly want to tell people and sometimes that’s the case and then later I kick myself for it. Am I just an attention seeker?
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One thought on “My problem

  • mm
    22/10/2016 at 19:57

    You arnt a attention seaker. Everyone has bad and good days. Life is a rollarcoaster is not gonna be perfect. I would first start off stop self harming cause that’s never an answer talk to a really close friend about your feeling this could help you. Or if you arnt comfortable with talking to anyone keep your thoughts in a journal or something. You just gotta remember that your a great person and everything can be solved. Don’t give up. Think of all the good this in your life rather the bad. And remember everyone else has bad days too. 💜💜

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