A little bit about me.

I am 20 years old. I finished highschool and didn’t know what to study. A year later from graduating and i decided to take a quick course in community college. Once I was done i had no idea what to do. What i studied didn’t interest me once i saw what meant having the job.

I get anxiety when talking to strangers. I get so nervous i can hardly speak properly. I have never truly applied for a job because i fear interviews. I have looked for jobs but never really gone through with them because of that. I feel lonely. I don’t have friends. My moms brings me down every chance she gets. Reminds me of how big of a failure i am. Saying how little i do. I can’t control it. I wish i could. I wish i was different. I am also not in the weight i wish to be. I try and lose weight but it is so difficult for me as my depression gets me hungry at times.

I wish i knew a way to better myself.

What should i do?

2 thoughts on “A little bit about me.

  • mm
    21/10/2016 at 21:59

    Just keep going to let people bring you down. You’ll get there eventually.

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